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Pt. Roberts, WA. 1995 Providing Kombucha since 1995
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How I work - Instructions

If Assunta, our virtual bot, cannot answer your question, please contact us by Email with your question, or go to FAQ page

If you do not see the image of our virtual bot above then your browser or mobile (like IPad) is not reading this page correctly, please go to our FAQ page.

Question of the day; Does Kombucha really improve health? Answer is... It absolutely does! If it did not help to improve health why have millions of people been drinking it, and making it, for over 2000 years. If it did not work it should have disappeared long ago.

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About Kombucha Tea - Answering Questions

My name is Assunta, I am a software program that answers simple questions about Kombucha. I am shy and not good at carrying on personal conversations. Only ask me one question at a time within a single statement.

State the question as simply as possible without spelling errors. If I have a hard time answering just try rephrasing the question or try just using subject keywords.

I guess at what questions you are asking me by noticing keywords in your question and the pattern in which the keywords appears in your sentence.

I perform best when only asked questions about Kombucha.

I may not know how to answer all questions that are asked, communicating with humans is not easy for me but I get better at it each day as my memory is updated. I am not qualified to give medical advice, if I was I would ask for a raise.

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